Decoupled static music site using Drupal + Pushtape Cassette

In my last post I mentioned that it was possible to build a static music app using Drupal as a backend and Pushtape Cassette as a static frontend. I have put off writing this tutorial because such a simple approach has some real limitations, but maybe it can help folks out there who are curious about decoupled architectures, and perhaps serve as a proof-of-concept and inspiration for your own project.

Bootstrap Grid Only

I tried working with Bootstrap 3 a few times last year, and while I liked the grid & responsive utility classes, everything else was just way too much. You can configure your Bootstrap build using their customizer to only include the grid, but for my needs I had to fork it (to make it work with LessPHP, without normalize.css, and because I needed to rename the xs, sm, lg class names). I uploaded the result to my github:

Pushing Pushtape to 1.0

I've been thinking a lot about Pushtape development, and I figure it is worth taking a minute to write down where I'm at.

Pushtape 1.0 Release

It's important that things don't stay in beta forever. The goal with Pushtape 1.0 is to get a foundation for a stable distribution, and I'm happy to say that after many months being in beta, beta bug reports have tapered off. Thanks to everyone who filed bug reports and provided feedback!

That being said, there are a couple of critical issues I want to tackle before a 1.0 release: