Pushtape Alpha 5 out! Shiny new installer, audio player, better styles

Over the weekend Pushtape Alpha 5 was released.

Download here: http://www.drupal.org/project/pushtape

This updated alpha release adds many improvements including:

- Add Soundmanager2 module and library for audio playback
- Added Soundmanager2 handlers to tracklist view, album/track artwork colorbox handlers
- New Soundmanager2 UI 360 style in Flux
- New tracklist style
- Better installation workflow and styles
- Added post-install notes (clean url state, memory limit, admin module state)
- Added background.jpg and implemented full cover backgrounds (see Flux's template.php)
- Fix hardcoded empty view text node/add links to use ?q= which broke when clean_urls = false
- Changed default tracklist mode from 'stop' to 'pause'
- Added default filter input format for Notes field
- Artwork now links to original image when clicked (via Colorbox)
- Added individual node styles for news, events, photoset
- Cleaned up maintenance-page.tpl.php and added maintenance styles to Flux's style.css.
- Added pushtape logo to installer
- Hide Photoset "submitted by" text
- Temporary colorbox css fix until #1925056 gets into a tagged release
- Updating core & contrib modules

The next release will most likely be a Beta release before a stable 1.0. Please download, test, and report any issues to the Pushtape issue queue!