Chapter Three, LLC

I worked many years with Chapter Three, a Drupal development shop based in San Francisco. I helped build websites for many clients including: Dhar Law, Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream, Grown Kids Radio, Spark Energy Database, UN Global Pulse, NASA, UCSF Radiology, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola, Songbird, NYU Poly, Barefoot Wine, and PBS Engage. I also worked on internal projects including the company's own website.
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Pushtape is a suite of open source tools for publishing your music on the web, on your own terms.

Pushtape Cassette

A lightweight frontend framework for building static music apps. Make a cassette.json of your music and render a complete music site in seconds, featuring a persistent music player.


Customizable JS audio page player with global playback controls and autoscan (mutationobserver), built on Soundmanager2.

Drupal distribution

  • publish a discography with albums and tracks, news, events and more
  • simplified admin interface
  • extendable framework using existing web technologies
  • Can be used as a decoupled backend using cassette.json

Soapbox Music, LLC

My colleague Brendan Finucane and I founded Soapbox Music out of our own need for a dependable, affordable, and high quality recording and rehearsal space in the city of Chicago. Recording studios are notoriously expensive to start and maintain, but our cooperative model drastically reduces the cost and risk for all musicians involved, while simultaneously creating opportunities to connect, share, and collaborate with others.

Live Room
Control room
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DIY Portable Mini-amp

This is a portable battery operated little amplifier I built to plug other portable things into and to also use it as a test amp for other projects. The circuit is based on a 5 Watt LM384 mono chip amp, taking a 1/8" stereo jack and resistor summing to a mono output. Giant volume knob, on/off rocker switch with power LED light. 4 Ohm, 6 Watt speaker pulled from an old Creative 5.1 set. Wooden enclosure with a custom designed speaker hole.

Analog VU meters

For this project, I took some analog VU meters from a broken Otari 5050 2-track tape machine (thanks Ralph!), and assembled a standalone stereo meter unit based on the VU buffer circuit from JLM Audio. I re-purposed a wooden box for the enclosure, drilling holes for the input jacks and meters, and applied a 'tung oil style' finish. As a final touch, I swapped the old meter bulbs with LEDs and added a dimmer knob on the side to adjust brightness.

VU meter
Dimmer switch on the side
Replaced the old bulbs with LEDs
Early stages
Early stages
JLM VU Buffer circuit