Highwire Press

As a front-end developer at Highwire Press, I developed a comprehensive responsive design strategy that was deployed to hundreds of scholarly journal publications, a task complicated by a 20 year old technology stack. My assignments frequently involved leveraging modern responsive web design techniques to optimize content delivery to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Additionally, I helped improve documentation, pushed for better frontend standards, created a customized frontend framework based on modern best practices, and improved page load time performance by identifying bottlenecks in backend as well as frontend code. As part of the drupal team, we developed custom PHP modules and JS code to connect and interact with backend APIs, XML/JSON data stores, and MySQL databases. Lastly, I designed and built a custom theme for an internal Highwire Dev-ops site used to manage internal Highwire resources.

In addition to internal Highwire platform improvements, I worked specifically on redesign projects for the American Academy of Pediatrics and eLife Sciences.

When I joined Highwire Press was still operating within Stanford University -- it now operates as an independent venture backed company.

Chapter Three, LLC

I worked many years with Chapter Three, a Drupal development shop based in San Francisco. I helped build websites for many clients including: Dhar Law, Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream, Grown Kids Radio, Spark Energy Database, UN Global Pulse, NASA, UCSF Radiology, Kaiser Permanente, Motorola, Songbird, NYU Poly, Barefoot Wine, and PBS Engage. I also worked on internal projects including the company's own website.

C3 Logo


Pushtape is a suite of open source tools for publishing your music on the web, on your own terms.

Pushtape Cassette

A lightweight frontend framework for building static music apps. Make a cassette.json of your music and render a complete music site in seconds, featuring a persistent music player. http://pushtape.com/demo/cassette


Customizable JS audio page player with global playback controls and autoscan (mutationobserver), built on Soundmanager2. http://zirafa.github.io/pushtape-player.js/demo/

Drupal distribution

  • publish a discography with albums and tracks, news, events and more
  • simplified admin interface
  • extendable framework using existing web technologies
  • Can be used as a decoupled backend using cassette.json



E3Sports is a premier sports performance company dedicated to enhancing athletic ability and reducing injury potential through training programs based on the most current strength and conditioning research. I worked with the design company Pixelion on implementing an upgrade and redesign of their existing site in Drupal.


In addition to upgrading and implementing a new design, E3Sports wanted to integrate all their social media into one feed on their homepage, as well as streamline their back end interface to make it easier to update.


I cleaned up and upgraded their old site, and installed and configured new Drupal modules. I developed a new Drupal theme from scratch, developed a customized administration interface, and created a social media stream for their homepage.


SpringCM is an enterprise level document sharing and collaboration software company. I implemented an overhaul and upgrade of their existing Drupal site under a tight deadline.


After inspecting their existing site and new design, I quickly identified potential problem areas and worked with their team to resolve any issues and develop a strategy before the implementation stage began.


I began by taking their static design mockups and delivering a new pixel-perfect theme and front end. After that, I worked on the back end cleaning up and removing deprecated code, installing and configuring new modules, and writing a new module to support a customized administration interface tailored to meet their specific needs.

Documentation & Support

Finally, I created a user manual and technical document to educate the client on how to use their new site and to inform future developers of my work. Such a document is an invaluable tool when building complex sites as it clearly elucidates the innards of the site, allowing for future development to occur more rapidly without knowledge gaps.