Popperton University

Popperton University is a fake *cough* real university I invented (technically founded by Phillip "Popcorn" Popperson) a few years back to encourage my inner autodidact. At the time I was seeking to learn from people, places, experiences, the internet, and books. Anyone can "enroll", all you need to do is write an acceptance letter for yourself, decide what classes you want to take, and write a schedule for yourself. Despite its lack of formal accreditation, Popperton U. has seen steady enrollment since it was founded.

Example acceptance letter:

Dear Farsheed Hamidi-Toosi,

Congratulations! You have been accepted for the spring semester here at Popperton University. We are proud to welcome you to our campus and encourage you to browse through our course catalog. You’ll find that we offer almost any class you could imagine, in any field, for any subject. Because of our unconventional no-campus, non-teacher, no-grades approach, you can basically do whatever interests you in any time frame you’d like. Nobody will correct you or watch over you, or even know you are doing it. The goal is to break the boring structure of everyday life by challenging yourself and by pushing yourself to the limits (whatever limits you set upon yourself). There is no imposed structure whatsoever - you are free to make mistakes, experiment, create, succeed, or fail. Rather than saying what is right or wrong or defining levels of success through external validation, use your internal compass to guide you on the path of your own choosing.

Chancellor Popcorn Popperson, Leading autodidact