Microtonal polyphonic synth [proposal]

This project aims to build a microtonal polyphonic synth framework using the Arduino. Most synthesizers use set frequency tables for note values based on the western scale. I'd like to create an instrument that allows for truly microtonal pitch control on a per-note as well as global basis. This capability would allow musicians to create textures, tone clusters, drones, and alternate tunings through a standard keyboard layout.

Design goals

  • 6-12 independent & tunable hardware oscillators - mapped to MIDI key values
  • Support MIDI Input from Akai LPK25 or similar
  • Global pitch control, tone filter, 4 mode ASDR


  • Low availability and high cost of older VCOs and complexity of newer DCOs
  • Establishing very fine fundamental frequency resolution of oscillators
  • Simplifying the hardware interface and setting useful control parameters