MaskFAQ is a website that aims to test the filtration efficiency of homemade mask materials using standard N95 test methodology. Unlike many homemade test setups, MaskFAQ sent samples to get tested by TSI, Inc, -- makers of the TSI 8130 testing machine used to test N95 masks. In addition to sharing information about mask materials, the website aims to answer frequently asked questions about mask usage, mask construction, and what materials to avoid.

After reading a Business Insider article that mentioned Chloe Schempf's GoFundMe campaign, I contacted Chloe to see if she needed help building a site in the spring of 2020, with the goal of publishing the test results, documenting the N95 test methodology, as well as sharing other mask information. Shortly after the site went live I added a few UI/UX enhancements to the site to make it easier to search and visualize test results for different homemade mask materials.