Highwire Press

As a front-end developer at Highwire Press, I developed a comprehensive responsive design strategy that was deployed to hundreds of scholarly journal publications, a task complicated by a 20 year old technology stack. My assignments frequently involved leveraging modern responsive web design techniques to optimize content delivery to desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Additionally, I helped improve documentation, pushed for better frontend standards, created a customized frontend framework based on modern best practices, and improved page load time performance by identifying bottlenecks in backend as well as frontend code. As part of the drupal team, we developed custom PHP modules and JS code to connect and interact with backend APIs, XML/JSON data stores, and MySQL databases. Lastly, I designed and built a custom theme for an internal Highwire Dev-ops site used to manage internal Highwire resources.

In addition to internal Highwire platform improvements, I worked specifically on redesign projects for the American Academy of Pediatrics and eLife Sciences.

When I joined Highwire Press was still operating within Stanford University -- it now operates as an independent venture backed company.